About The Near East Enterprises

More than 35 thousand students from 143 countries study at the Near East University, the largest university in Northern Cyprus, and its sister institution, University of Kyrenia.

Near East Enterprises, along with GÜNSEL, has investments in education, finance, health, industry, tourism and technology. In Northern Cyprus with a number of employees exceeding 7,500, it is the largest employer after the state.

More than 35 thousand students from 143 countries study at the Near East University, the largest university in Northern Cyprus, and its sister institution, the University of Kyrenia.

Near East University was ranked among the top 250 universities in Europe in the "World's Best Universities 2022" list published by the international higher education rating agency AD Scientific Index, and ranked 552nd among 15,000 universities in the world.

Near East University ranks first among the Turkish and the TRNC universities in the "World Universities Ranking 2023" field rankings published by Times Higher Education, among the world's top 175 in "Computer Sciences" and among the top 200 in the world in "Engineering".

In the "World Universities Ranking" published by METU URAP in December 2022, Near East University, which is the best in the TRNC, was ranked as the 17th best university and the second best foundation university in Turkey. This scientific and academic accumulation of the Near East University lies behind the completion of GÜNSEL's R&D studies and the mass production phase.

Incorporating the Near East University, which is one of the first private institutions of higher education in Turkey and the TRNC, the Enterprises provide the most contemporary education opportunities to about 5 thousand students studying in its 3 colleges (Kyrenia-Nicosia-Famagusta), each serving from kindergarten to high school.

One of the priority fields of activity of Near East Enterprises is health. It has a network of three full-fledged medical faculty hospitals (Kyrenia-Nicosia-Famagusta), two dental hospitals, three dispensaries and an animal hospital in the field of health, spanning the whole of Northern Cyprus.

Finance is one of the priority sectors. In the last 10 years, Near East Bank has been the fastest-growing bank in Northern Cyprus. The branch network has spread all over the country and its asset size has increased more than 10 times. In addition, investments in finance were diversified with insurance, life and pension companies operating under the Near East brand.

Near East operates in the tourism sector with its boutique hotels Dorona Hotel, Mimoza Hotel, Oasis Hotel and Park Palace Hotel, Park Palace Residence and Dorana Residence.

Near East Enterprises, which has been operating for about 45 years, has initiatives in the field of industry such as cable, plastic, metal, furniture, printing, cobblestone production and fuel distribution.

The Near East Enterprises is also standing out as one of the most important cultural and artistic centers of the Mediterranean, with over 100 thousand works of art and materials in the collections of the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, Cyprus Car Museum, Cyprus Herbarium and Natural History Museum, Walled City Museum and GÜNSEL Art Museum.