GÜNSEL Art Museum

GÜNSEL Art Museum: Art in Our Foundation

Welcome to the GÜNSEL Art Museum, a captivating space that celebrates the extraordinary talents of artists from 14 Turkish communities, including Cyprus. Sharing the same space as the GÜNSEL Showroom, our museum symbolizes GÜNSEL’s commitment to the environment, society, and art, and serves as a testament to our motto, “Art is in our foundation.”

Our Collection

The GÜNSEL Art Museum houses a diverse collection of approximately 700 art pieces, featuring a wide array of artistic mediums and styles. From oil and acrylic paintings to original prints, engravings, linocuts, serigraphy, lithography, woodblock prints, sculptures, and ceramics, our museum offers a visual feast for art enthusiasts. The artworks on display showcase the unique cultural identity of Cyprus and the Turkish world, while also celebrating the global language of art and creativity.

Art and Technology: A Shared Vision

At GÜNSEL, we believe that art and technology share a common vision: to push boundaries and inspire progress. The GÜNSEL Art Museum, strategically located beneath the GÜNSEL Showroom, is a reflection of this belief, showcasing how artistic expression and innovation can coexist and thrive together. By celebrating the cultural and artistic life of Cyprus, we aim to create a lasting legacy that extends beyond the automotive industry.

Experience the GÜNSEL Art Museum

We invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of the GÜNSEL Art Museum, where the beauty of art and the power of innovation come together in perfect harmony. Explore our diverse collection, engage with the stories behind the artworks, and be inspired by the creative force that drives GÜNSEL’s vision for a sustainable, innovative future.