GÜNSEL Office Museum

GÜNSEL Office Museum: Where Art and Innovation Converge

Welcome to the GÜNSEL Office Museum, an extraordinary space where creativity and innovation harmoniously come together and find embodiment in GÜNSEL. By transforming our headquarters and R&D facilities into an office museum integrated with art, we have ensured that our entire team maintains a lasting connection to art, our primary source of inspiration, at all times. The GÜNSEL Office Museum, unique in Cyprus, makes art an integral part of the working environment.

The GÜNSEL Office Museum is home to 77 magnificent art pieces displayed throughout our offices and common areas. These artworks have been carefully selected to promote creativity, innovation, and inspiration among our employees. By surrounding ourselves with these exquisite pieces, we aim to foster a working environment where ideas can flourish and our team can continue to push the boundaries of electric vehicle design and technology.

Our Collection

The GÜNSEL Office Museum houses 77 magnificent pieces of art carefully selected from various fields such as painting and sculpture. Reflecting the essence of GÜNSEL’s core belief in the fusion of art and technology, these artworks showcase a range of styles and techniques from many contemporary artists.

The artistic atmosphere created by the GÜNSEL Office Museum becomes apparent from the moment you step into the GÜNSEL headquarters. As you enter through the display of monumental outdoor sculptures, you are immediately greeted by a striking, one-of-a-kind chandelier that embodies the essence of GÜNSEL’s commitment to art and innovation. This unique piece features stained glass accents, adding colour and vibrancy, and an intricate design that incorporates both animal and human figures, showcasing the exceptional talent of the artists behind it.

The chandelier serves as a representation of the fusion of creativity and unity within GÜNSEL. Its interconnected layers symbolize the collaboration between different departments and teams, working in harmony to drive innovation and push the boundaries of electric vehicle technology. The complex animal and human figures embody the diverse talents and ideas that come together in the pursuit of our shared vision for a sustainable future.

Our design meeting room on the ground floor is reminiscent of a postmodern work of art and perfectly showcases the integration of industry and art through the designer’s lens. This space pays homage to GÜNSEL’s local roots while offering a creative environment for the team to draw inspiration and share ideas.

Designed as a space where art and culture intersect with automobiles, the room features various materials such as paint, plastic, fabric, texture, and design samples, alongside objects inspired by local handicrafts. These elements play a significant role in the design and functionality of our vehicles.

In this creative atmosphere, traditional handicrafts such as the sesta basket and Lefkara lacework are integrated into our vehicle designs, enhancing both our aesthetic values and connections to local culture. Unique designs, such as drawing inspiration from the TRNC flag while designing the side mirrors (actually cameras) for our J9 model, were born in this room.

The design meeting room serves as a vital space where GÜNSEL’s team can make important design decisions while being surrounded by a myriad of inspiring samples and cultural elements.

In designing GÜNSEL models, we aimed to pay respect to the natural beauty and endemic species of Cyprus. One of the most special examples of this is the mouflon. The mouflon, characterized by its agility, muscular build, and crescent-shaped horns, inspired the aerodynamic and aesthetic elements of GÜNSEL B9, showcasing the vehicle’s connection to Cyprus’s natural heritage.

The mouflon statue located on the second floor of our headquarters serves as a daily reminder of our purpose and the importance of innovation for a harmonious future with nature.

Located on the second floor, our meeting room hosts special artworks that reflect our identity. Displayed in this room is a unique 4-meter-long piece created by Kazakh artist Orazbek Yessenbayev, using the ink pen technique on silk. This artwork emphasizes GÜNSEL’s international identity, featuring symbols that make references to different societies and beliefs.

A Dynamic Workspace

By incorporating art into our working environment, the GÜNSEL Office Museum transforms our offices into a dynamic and inspiring workspace. This unique office design approach nourishes a sense of community and collaboration, fueling innovation and creativity, and ensuring GÜNSEL’s sustainable success in the electric vehicle industry.

Discover the GÜNSEL Office Museum

We invite you to explore the GÜNSEL Office Museum and experience firsthand the powerful impact that art can have on innovation and progress. Learn more about the artists behind the works, the stories they tell, and how their creativity inspires the groundbreaking advancements that drive GÜNSEL’s electric vehicles. Come and be inspired by the seamless fusion of art and technology at the heart of the GÜNSEL Office Museum.